6 Parenting Tips to Discipline Your Child

June 1, 2023
6 Parenting Tips to Discipline Your Child

As a parent, it’s vital to raise your children with discipline as it will mold them into productive individuals in society. Also, if you are planning to hire Filipino maids to help you in raising your kids, it is vital to learn good parenting tips. However, providing discipline to children is wrapped in debate as to what is proper and not. There is a lot of advice from diverging sources on the “right” way of disciplining your child. However, it all boils down into these five parenting tips, which sums up everything these experts on child development have to say. Here are five parenting tips for disciplining your child.

For the working parents
Working parents find themselves in a predicament on how to properly raise their children. Being away from home most of the time is a problem faced by these kinds of parents. However, if you have access to people who you can trust to help you take care of your kids, then everything will definitely be fine. Filipino maids are among the best and sought out caretakers for your kids. If you hire Filipino maids, you’ll tap the tradition of childcare developed in Filipino familial culture, where these six parenting tips are observed.

Establish yourself as a parent Before implementing discipline on your child, you should establish first what kind of parent you are. According to studies, there are three types of parents. Authoritative, Authoritarian, and Permissive or Passive parent.

The Authoritative – is the parent that balances strictness and compassion. It allows a cooperative environment between parent and child to work out problems concerning discipline. It is the goal of every parent to be authoritative when disciplining their children.

The Authoritarian – Is the parent on the far right of the spectrum. This kind of parent demands their children follow their instructions because they are the authority in a household. It doesn’t allow cooperation with their children and forces them to follow instructions without question.

The Permissive or Passive – If an authoritarian demands obedience, the permissive parent is the complete opposite. A permissive parent allows their children to do whatever they want out of the guise of “love.”

Establish your rules In any household, it’s necessary to have some standards set in place. Rules may be simple, like saying “good morning,” or eating together every meal, to drastic ones like lights out at a particular time at night. Rules teach children about obedience, consequences of disobedience, and being honest. Children need to develop a sense of responsibility to cooperate with other people in observing rules that keep things in order. In establishing rules, some things must be considered and put into mind.

● Make sure the rules are there to teach a lesson.
● Make sure rules are for the benefit of everyone if followed.
● Make sure the rules are moral and ethical.
● Make sure rules are considerate and fair.

If your rules fit those criteria, then teaching your kids to follow those will be beneficial for them.

Establish being consistent
A problem in many parents is being consistent in implementing rules inside the household. Parents should agree on how to discipline their children and must not contradict each other. Also, inconsistent rules will confuse children, especially toddlers. So, it is crucial to maintain consistency with your children. If you forbid your kids today to playing computer games for more than one hour, then continue so, tomorrow and the day after that. By being consistent, you will keep the respect of your kids and their observance of rules.

Establish a rewards system
Though this is a controversial topic for some, many do regard that rewarding your child for doing good is beneficial. It helps them value the benefits of doing striving for excellence and empower them to do greater things in life. When kids are capable of understanding, rewarding good deeds are powerful deterrents for them from doing things you don’t tolerate.

Establish an environment of love
Proper discipline predicates from love. It is due to a sheer parental love that forces a parent to try their best to raise their kid upright. With respect, comes discipline and the concept of rewards and punishments. You should always reprimand your kids when they’ve done something wrong. Fighting with other kids, saying bad words, biting, forcibly taking another kid’s toys requires reprimand. Punishments may come in various ways depending on culture, but everything must come out of love.

Physical punishments, though present in some cultures, are not advisable, especially if kids are capable of understanding. A good talk with a toddler is better than spanking your child to instill fear.

Establish respect and manners
For working parents, it is necessary to have people who will help you in raising your kids the right way. Establishing respect is important for your kids as it will help them enter society with respect. When you’re to hire Filipino maids, it is best to cooperate with them to teach your kids how to respect people. Manners, on the other hand, is the result of establishing respect in the minds of your kids.

In the end, all of these tips are predicated in empathy and love towards your kids. These parenting tips for disciplining your child are a summary of many advice read online. So, apply these tips and build a family full of love, hope, and respect, and see your children become better individuals soon.

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