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Direct Hire Maids not in Singapore

  How long is the whole process to direct hire a maid not in Singapore? Depending on her nationality, for Filipino maid it usually takes

Myanmar Maid Agency in Singapore

As of recent years, hiring a Myanmese maid or Burmese maid, also known to some as Myanmarese maids, have been getting increasingly popular. One of

Indonesian Maid Agency Singapore

Indonesian Maid Agency in Singapore

There are close to 260,000 foreign domestic workers (FDW) in Singapore today and the majority of them are Indonesian maids. Until the late 1990s, Indonesian

Filipino Maid Agency Singapore

Filipino Maid Agency in Singapore

  Why are Filipino Maids Preferred in Singapore? Filipino maids have always been the number 1 choice for most employers in Singapore, especially for taking

Hiring Ex-Abroad Maids

Usually the first choice for most employers is to consider a transfer maid. But due to lack of option as transfer maids are in very

Hiring Fresh Maids

Fresh Maids is another term for inexperienced maids. Even if the fresh maid has experience in her own country, we do not consider that as

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