Hiring Ex-Abroad Maids

Usually the first choice for most employers is to consider a transfer maid. But due to lack of option as transfer maids are in very high demand, the next option would be an Ex-Singapore Maid. But this option could also be lacking, then the next best option will be to consider hiring an Ex-Abroad Maid.

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Hiring Fresh Maids

Fresh Maids is another term for inexperienced maids. Even if the fresh maid has experience in her own country, we do not consider that as a real working experience as the standard of other country like in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even the Middle East will be higher. So who would want to hire

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Hiring Ex-Singapore Maids

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to our Singapore Government’s recent announcement on 4th May 2021 that our borders will be closed from 8th May 2021 onwards until further notice, what this basically means is that even if you have already identified and wish to hire the Ex-Singapore Maid from the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and etc… you are not

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