Hiring a domestic helper for newborn care during the pandemic

June 1, 2023
Hiring a domestic helper for newborn care during the pandemic

[Case Study] 2 years ago, Nicole was expecting her first child and that period was the hardest time to hire a helper due to COVID-19 lockdowns and etc.

Most maid agencies in Singapore simply do not have any helper but we do.

Without a helper back then, it would have been a big struggle for Nicole and her family.

Our team listened carefully to Nicole’s requirements and only showed profiles of helpers who were suitable for Nicole’s family because we want all our helpers to complete at least their 2 years contract or more.

Fast forward 2 years, Nicole is very satisfied with the helper we found for her. As a result, both employer and helper are happy with each other and agreed to extend the contract for another 2 years.

And this is what Nicole has to say:

“Universal helped me find my current helper back in Dec 2020 when there was a massive shortage in Sg due to covid restrictions. Its been 2 years with her, and Universal did an amazing job matching her to my family and our needs. We were expecting our first child and have a golden retriever. Without her, we would have really struggled to balance work, housework and the kids. The consultants at Universal took the time to listen to our requirements and sent profiles that matched them, making our search easier. Thanks so much.”

Note: Contact us if you are looking to hire a helper soon! Call us at 6735 3456 or submit your enquiry online here now.

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