Hiring a Myanmese Transfer Maid in Singapore

June 1, 2023
Hiring a Myanmese Transfer Maid in Singapore

If you are looking to hire a Myanmese maid or sometimes known as Burmese maid or even Myanmarese maid as soon as possible, then definitely hiring a Myanmese transfer maid is the fastest option. Besides, there are very very limited flights from Myanmar to Singapore due to this Covid-19 pandemic and the country is often in lockdown which makes movement of the Myanmese maid moving from her province to the capital Yangon to board the flight a big challenge.

On 21st September 2020, as the headline reads on Channel News Asia: “Myanmar extends Yangon lockdown after record daily jump in COVID-19 cases” (read more about this report here), this isn’t the first time Myanmar gone into lockdown. So with frequent unforeseen lockdowns and limited flights to Singapore, this inconvenient combination has caused many Myanmese their potential job to work in Singapore any time soon.

As a result, the rise in popularity to hire a transfer maid in Singapore is now the preferred choice among employers in Singapore. With this sudden surge in demand, it is no surprise that many maid agencies in Singapore have no available transfer maids. Only a few maid agencies in Singapore do have transfer maids and Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd is proud and fortunate to be one of them.

However, the availability of Myanmese transfer maids are very rare and low in the market today. Maynmese maids working in Singapore usually prefer to go home first before starting a new 2 years employment contract with a new family and this has always been the trend even before the Covid-19 pandemic started. And also because very very few Myanmese maids are flying into Singapore at the moment, not many employers are willing to let their current Myanmese maids go for transfer, hence contributing to the low supply of Myanmese maids available for transfer.

So employers are now left with little choice but to pray and wait for a Myanmese maid to be on transfer. But for some employers, they have to take the proactive action of simply confirming a Myanmese maid who is currently in Myanmar because without any certainty in timeline for a maid on transfer, these employers are desperate for certainty in order to better plan for the caregiving needs of their loved ones.

Since many old aged home in Singapore are usually full, made worse by the current capacity being reduced due to the need to enforce social distancing in the homes, the next best alternative is to have their elderly cared for at home. And the Myanmese maids also known as Burmese maids are usually the preferred choice when it comes to hiring a maid to take care of elderly.

Hiring any maid currently overseas is now a costly affair because of the need to have the maid quarantined for 15 days upon arrival in Singapore and subsequently having to do a Covid-19 test which costs a total of $1,700 to be paid to our Government. All in together with the agency costs and the maid’s placement fee, the amount to prepare for this option is well over $5,000. But if the employer got lucky and managed to hire a transfer maid, then the cost is easily halved.

If there is a need to hire a caregiver for your loved ones, then do not waste precious time. Quickly be in touch with us and provide us your requirements so that we can better match you with suitable Myanmese maids on transfer if that is your preferred nationality, especially for elderly care. If you are open to other nationalities to widen the number of suitable transfer maids to interview and hasten the hiring process for a transfer maid, then you may wish to consider Filipino transfer maids or Indonesian transfer maids as well. (Want to read more about them? For Filipino transfer maid click here and for Indonesian transfer maid click here)

Do contact our friendly sales team at 6735 3456 and we will more than happy to discuss your requirements and find you the right Myanmese transfer maid soon for your family!

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