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Finding the Perfect Helper for Your Home and Kitchen

As of November 2017, Singapore’s population of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs), often referred to as maids or domestic helpers, stands at approximately 243,000. These essential individuals play a pivotal role in maintaining household order, caring for newborns, infants, children, the elderly, disabled family members, and handling housework and cooking. Often, households require a combination of these services to meet their unique needs.

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Maids in Singapore Cooking

Some households may focus their maid’s duties primarily on housework and cooking when their children are older or studying abroad. However, this doesn’t diminish the importance of the maid’s role. In fact, expectations can be higher in such cases, as the maid’s responsibilities become more specialized.

In cases where cooking skills don’t meet your standards, you can enroll your FDW in cooking classes. These classes, designed specifically for FDWs, are often held on Sundays, their designated day off.

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Currently, Indonesian Domestic Helpers outnumber Filipino helpers in Singapore. This shift can be attributed to factors like lower salaries for Indonesian helpers and the prevalence of spicy Indonesian cuisine, which many Singaporeans enjoy. Additionally, the ability to converse in Malay Bahasa is preferred by some employers with elderly family members who speak the language.

In recent times, Myanmese Domestic Helpers have gained popularity due to their lower salary requirements compared to Indonesian and Filipino helpers.In recent times, Myanmese Domestic Helpers have gained popularity due to their lower salary requirements compared to Indonesian and Filipino helpers.

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First Time Employer Hiring a Maid

Ultimately, choosing the right maid involves an element of luck, and both employers and maids must contribute to building a lasting working relationship. Empathy from employers, understanding the challenges of household management, and acknowledging the importance of rest and time off have become more critical.

The Ministry of Manpower has mandated that all maids in Singapore must have mandatory weekly days off or be compensated for working on their days off, provided the maid is willing to work. An alternative to hiring a full-time maid is to engage a part-time local maid, commonly referred to as a part-time cleaner. Part-time cleaners must be either Singaporean citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs). Engaging a foreign domestic worker or illegal part-time cleaner can result in hefty fines if caught.

Numerous websites and platforms offer convenient options to book part-time cleaners online. Similar to booking movie tickets online, selecting a suitable time and date and making online payments make the process straightforward.

The choice between hiring a part-time cleaner or a full-time maid comes with its own set of pros and cons. Notably, the trend is leaning towards hiring full-time maids, driven by an increasing number of households opting for this arrangement each year.

As Singapore’s population ages, the demand for maids to care for the elderly continues to rise. With limited nursing home options available, hiring a full-time maid has become the preferred choice. For those with the financial means, hiring a private nurse or caregiver is an option, although it can be costly.

Private Nurse for Elderly Care

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