5 Questions to Ask During Interviews with Maids

January 17, 2024

5 Questions to Ask During Interviews with Maids 

In Singapore, hiring a domestic helper involves a meticulous process, and interviews play a pivotal role in making informed decisions. Beyond the standard queries, asking specific questions can allow you to understand a maid’s suitability for your household. Let’s dive into five questions that can transform your maid interviews and why they matter.


Embarking on the journey of hiring a maid in Singapore is more than a task; it’s a significant decision that involves trust, cultural understanding, and effective communication. Conducting interviews provides a unique opportunity to gauge not only a candidate’s skills but also their personality.

Understanding the Context of Maid Hiring in Singapore

Before delving into the specific questions, it’s essential to grasp the broader context of maid hiring in Singapore. The tedious process with employing a domestic helper and making sure they fit into your family’s needs make the hiring process distinctive. Understanding these aspects sets the stage for a comprehensive interview strategy.

Question 1: “Please Introduce Yourself”

Begin the interview with a warm invitation for the candidate to introduce themselves. This opening question aims to alleviate any anxiety, creating a more relaxed atmosphere. It serves as an opportunity to gauge the candidate’s personality and assess their communication skills crucial for maintaining a healthy and organized home environment.

Question 2: “What Makes You Want To Work As A Domestic Helper?”

Understanding the motivation behind a candidate’s choice to work as a domestic helper goes beyond a routine inquiry. It provides a glimpse into their commitment and passion for the role. This question not only helps assess their sincerity but also sets the tone for a more engaged and dedicated working relationship.

Question 3: “Tell Me More About Your Past Work Experience? Were You Employed In Other Countries Other Than Singapore?”

This question will shed light on reasons for leaving previous roles and unveils the cultural dynamics of the families she has served either overseas or in Singapore, giving you a more deeper understanding of her professional background.

Question 4: “What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses In Terms Of Maid Job Scope?”

By asking for both strengths and weaknesses, you will then be able to evaluate her capabilities in terms of her job scope.. This helps gauge her suitability for the role in your household and provides insights into her potential contributions and areas for development.

Question 5: Give A Scenario For Discussion

Conflict is inevitable in any living arrangement, and a maid’s ability to navigate and resolve conflicts is crucial. By addressing this aspect during the interview, you gain insights into their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and approach to maintaining a harmonious household. Explore potential scenarios to assess the candidate’s problem-solving skills. For instance, ask about her approach if faced with a child refusing to eat breakfast, this will allow you to understand more about her capabilities.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid During ‘Live’ Interviews

Despite the importance of ‘live’ interviews, common pitfalls can hinder the process. Avoiding mistakes such as rushing through questions or making assumptions is vital to ensure a thorough and effective interview.

Ensure a Fair and Respectful Interview Process

Conducting interviews with fairness and respect is not just an ethical consideration but a practical one. A positive interview experience contributes to a healthy working relationship from the outset.


In the intricate process of hiring a maid in Singapore, interviews emerge as a crucial step. The five questions discussed are not just conversation starters but it opens up into a candidate’s suitability, personality, and potential contributions to your household. 

Have questions regarding the process of hiring a maid? Check out our FAQs about Hiring Maids in Singapore here.

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