Maids for Newborn Care

Hire a maid who is a nurturer for your newborn

Maids as a Nurturer for Newborn

If you’re a working parent with a newborn, you understand the challenges of balancing work and providing the best care for your baby. While relying on grandparents may seem like a common solution, even they desire a break to enjoy their golden years. Nowadays, working parents have more options, and hiring a full-time maid emerges as one of the top choices for newborn care.

Tired Parents with Newborn
Babysitter for Newborn Care

Although babysitters are an option, many won’t come to your home, requiring you to transport your newborn to their location daily. This can be inconvenient and time-consuming, making the hiring of a full-time maid the more practical choice.

One primary concern when hiring a full-time maid is trust. Trust isn’t easily determined from a maid’s bio data and takes time to build. It’s advantageous if the maid you plan to hire comes recommended by a sibling or friend who no longer requires her services. This way, trust is established more easily. Another way to gain trust quickly is by installing CCTV cameras in your home to monitor her activities. This discourages any negligence on her part, ensuring the safety of your newborn. However, this may make the maid feel insecure, leading to potential friction that can be resolved through proper communication.

If you’re uncertain about hiring a maid for your child, consider starting with an interview to ensure she is trustworthy, caring, and experienced in newborn care. Trust is paramount when entrusting your baby’s well-being to someone else.

You also have the option of hiring a maid with experience in baby and child care. This ensures that they can handle young children with minimal training, possessing skills such as swaddling, feeding, diaper changing, and putting infants to sleep.

Childcare responsibilities often clash with the demands of modern life, making it challenging for one parent to stay at home. Dual-income families are common in Singapore, necessitating reliable childcare solutions.

At Universal Employment Agency, we have experienced maids capable of caring for newborns. While some maids may be hesitant due to the round-the-clock nature of the job, we can find one who is willing to provide the necessary care.

We advise employers to allow the maid sufficient rest, especially if she has stayed up late attending to the baby. It’s also crucial not to overload her with housework and cooking duties, as her primary focus should be on caring for the newborn. If this becomes a challenge, consider hiring a second maid to handle household chores, preventing burnout and requests for transfers.

Maid for Newborn Care
Hiring Maid for Twin Babies

For employers with twins, we recommend hiring two maids for the added support, as caring for two newborns is especially demanding.

To prepare for your newborn’s arrival, consider hiring a maid at least three months before your due date. This gives you time to train her according to your expectations and ensure she is mentally and physically prepared.

Training your maid should include emergency procedures, enrolling her in a first aid course, and teaching her whom to contact in case of an emergency. She should never leave your child unattended and remain vigilant to potential safety hazards.

When searching for potential maids, consider those with childcare qualifications or enroll them in relevant courses to enhance their skills.

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We highly recommend hiring a Filipino maid for newborn care due to their strong English language skills. Effective communication is essential for understanding your baby’s needs and desires.

Discussing Maid Requirements with Employer
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