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Hire a maid who will shower lots of love to your beloved pets while you are busy at work

Taking Care of Your Precious Pets Health and Happiness.

At Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd, we understand that pets are an essential part of your family. We know that finding a trustworthy and caring pet care provider is just as crucial as hiring a reliable domestic helper. That’s why we offer specialized pet care services to ensure your furry, feathered, or scaly family members receive the attention and care they deserve.

Dog Owner Hiring Maid For Dog Care
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Our maids have earned a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy caretaker. Their dedication to providing exceptional pet care ensures unparalleled peace of mind for all our clients. You can relax knowing that your cherished pet is in the safe hands of capable professionals who approach pet care with the same love and commitment as you do. With us, your special animal companion will receive continuous care and attention, just as you would provide.

Meet Sandy and Whiskers

Sandy, a domestic helper from the Philippines, arrived in Singapore and quickly formed a bond with Whiskers, the resident tabby cat. Whiskers was a typical cat – independent, discerning, and occasionally aloof. Sandy’s initial duties were to maintain the household, but she soon discovered Whiskers’ need for companionship.

Every morning, Sandy ensured the fresh food and water bowls were laid out. After completing her chores, she’d find Whiskers curled up by the window, watching the world outside. Sandy began to engage Whiskers in play, using simple toys made from household items, like a crumpled paper ball. Soon, their daily routine included playtime and long conversations (from Sandy, of course).

Whiskers transformed from a somewhat distant feline into a sociable, happy companion. Sandy’s care and attention made all the difference. When her employers returned home from work, they found a more contented cat and a deeply cherished pet helper. Sandy was no longer just the maid; she was part of the family.

Cat Owner Hiring Maid For Cat Care

From Dogs to Birds: A Diverse Connection

It’s not just cats that have found confidants in Singapore’s maids. Dogs, birds, and even reptiles have formed special bonds with their caregivers. Walks, playtime, grooming sessions, and the best mealtime tricks – these maids have gone the extra mile to ensure the well-being of their furry friends.

The Healing Power of the Animal-Human Bond

It’s been long established that the presence of pets can significantly improve a person’s emotional and mental well-being. In Singapore, maids have tapped into this healing power, ensuring that the pets they care for are not just physically healthy but also emotionally content.

Looking to Hire Maid for Pet Care

The stories of Sandy and other domestic helpers are but a glimpse into the larger narrative of pets and their dedicated caregivers. These helpers not only fulfill their contractual duties but, in the process, become trusted guardians of their employer’s animal companions. They’ve showcased that love and care for pets transcend cultural boundaries and are a universal language of compassion.

The next time you meet a pet owner in Singapore, you might just hear a heartwarming story of their loyal domestic helper turned pet caretaker. These stories are a testament to the extraordinary bond that exists between humans and their beloved animal companions, even in the heart of a bustling city. It’s a reminder that sometimes the most profound connections are formed in the simplest of moments.

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