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Maids for Busy Mums for Infant Care

When it comes to infant care, the age range of 6 months to 24 months presents its own set of challenges. Finding a full-time maid with the right experience or willingness to care for infants is generally easier compared to caring for newborns, which demands even more effort and stamina.

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But the real question is, should you hire a full-time maid for infant care, explore childcare options, or consider hiring a babysitter? Surprisingly, the most cost-effective choice among these options, as mentioned earlier, may indeed be hiring a full-time maid.

The cost of hiring a maid includes her monthly salary, which typically amounts to around $600, along with a monthly levy of $60 paid to the Singapore Government. Additional expenses such as food, utilities, and basic toiletries for the maid contribute to an estimated monthly cost of around $1,000 on average.

Now, let’s examine the cost of infant childcare. As reported in a 2017 article: Childcare Singapore Options and Costs, childcare fees range from $707.81 to $1,112.27, while infant care fees fall within the range of $1,342.85 to $2,014.28 before government subsidies.

As evident, most parents would easily pay above $1,000, and this doesn’t even account for transportation expenses associated with getting your infant to and from the childcare center.

What about hiring a babysitter for infant care? Typically, babysitters charge around $16 per hour. If you require their services for the full 8 hours of your workday, you’re looking at a daily cost of approximately $128. If your daily earnings don’t exceed this amount, it might be more sensible to consider staying home to care for your infant personally. On a monthly basis (5 days a week, 8 hours per day), the cost adds up to a total of $2,560.

So, does this mean hiring a maid is the go-to option simply because it’s cost-effective? Not necessarily. At Universal Employment Agency, we conduct thorough interviews not only with our maids but also with our potential employers, especially those hiring a maid for the first time. We carefully assess their reasons for seeking full-time maid services and only proceed with the search when those reasons align with valid needs.

For us, ensuring the satisfaction of both parties and guaranteeing that the maid completes her 2-year contract are top priorities.

Typically, when it comes to infant and child care, we recommend considering Filipino maids due to their strong command of the English language. Effective communication is essential to understand and follow instructions accurately, and as children grow, English-speaking maids can play a pivotal role in their language development. However, in cases where Indonesian or Myanmese maids have extensive experience in Singapore and possess proficient English language skills, we broaden our recommendations beyond Filipino maids.

Maids for Infant Care

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If you’re ready to start your search for the right maid to care for your infant, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust us to provide expert recommendations tailored to your specific requirements. Feel free to call us at 6735 3456 for a free consultation or visit our centrally located office at #01-97 Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road.

We strongly advise considering a Filipino maid for infant care due to their exceptional English language skills. Contact us for more information on hiring a Filipino transfer maid or a Filipino maid currently in the Philippines. Have a wonderful day!

Discussing Maid Requirements with Employer
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