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As one of the longest-running maid agencies with over 37 years of experience since 1986, Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd proudly holds one of the highest retention rates in Singapore according to the Ministry of Manpower. We seamlessly combine our decades of expertise with a steadfast dedication to personalised service, guaranteeing a trustworthy and tailored maid placement experience that aligns with your unique requirements. When you choose us, you’re opting for a maid agency in Singapore that has not only stood the test of time but also consistently exceeded expectations, ensuring your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Transfer maids are maids who are already residing in Singapore and are actively seeking new employment while still holding their existing work permit. In contrast, fresh maids are maids who are currently outside of Singapore, looking for employment from their home countries and their expected salary is also lower than a transfer maid. When compared to fresh maids, hiring a transfer maid offers the advantage of in-person interviews, and the hiring process is typically faster as employers do not need to wait for the maid’s arrival in Singapore. Nevertheless, the decision between selecting a transfer maid or a fresh maid hinges on various factors, such as your specific needs, the urgency of hiring, and your personal preferences when it comes to bringing a maid into your home.

First-time employers are required to complete the Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP) which is a mandatory training programme for all first-time employers who wish to employ a MDW (migrant domestic worker) and it can be completed conveniently online at www.eop.com.sg. To sign up, you must have your SingPass ready and the fee for Online E-Learning is S$35. It will take you no more than 2 hours usually to complete the course online and once that is completed, please print out a copy of your EOP Certificate and give it to us. Next, do reach out to us to submit your requirements for hiring your MDW.

Yes, you may reach out to our sister company, Universal Cleans Pte Ltd by visiting their website at www.universalcleans.com to submit your enquiry.

Yes, that is possible but it is subject to our assessment of your maid and also the availability at our dormitory. Do provide us your maid’s work permit number, contact number and your intended date to release her to us.

Before making your hiring decision, we offer you the convenience of accessing the biodata of suitable maids who match your specific requirements. This allows you to conduct interviews with the selected maid via video call or in-person at our office. The biodata provides comprehensive information about the maids, encompassing their work experience, basic information, and salary expectations.

Yes we do, our caregivers are mainly from Myanmar and trained by nurses in their home country.

Within two weeks of your maid’s arrival in Singapore, they are obliged to undergo a medical examination conducted by a licensed practitioner in Singapore. This examination certifies their fitness to perform their duties in accordance with the Ministry of Manpower’s standards. The issuance of the Work Permit is contingent upon the worker passing this medical examination. Maids who do not pass the examination, including those diagnosed with active pulmonary Tuberculosis and/or HIV, will be required to be repatriated. Furthermore, your maid is mandated to undergo half-yearly medical screening for VDRL, pregnancy, and HIV to ensure that her health remains in compliance with the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) standards. This is a standard practice to maintain the safety and health standards for maids and the families they serve in Singapore.

SIP, or the “Settling-In Program,” is a one-day orientation program designed to familiarise all first-time MDWs (migrant domestic workers) to the expectations and lifestyle of working and residing in Singapore. They are required to attend SIP within three days of arrival, excluding Sundays and public holidays. The SIP will consist of five modules, including: introduction to Singapore, conditions of employment, safety at home, safety in other areas, and relationship and stress management. To ensure maximum comprehension and retention, the program is conducted in your maid’s native language.

Yes we are a licensed maid agency by the Ministry of Manpower, for over 37 years and counting. We are proud to have served 3 generations and definitely look forward to serving more generations to come. This is our Employment Agency Licence Number 87C4847 and you may check it on the Ministry of Manpower website here.

Step 1: Submission of Application
We can only proceed with this step once all required documents have been handed over to us.

Step 2: Assessment and Approval
It takes up to 7 days to process a Work Permit application with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for your maid on your behalf.

Note: If your maid’s Work Permit application is rejected by MOM, we will then proceed with Step 3.

Step 3: Appeal
It takes up to 14 days for the Appeal to be accepted and Work Permit application to be approved by MOM.

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