Direct Hire Maids not in Singapore

June 1, 2023
Direct Hire Maids not in Singapore


How long is the whole process to direct hire a maid not in Singapore?

Depending on her nationality, for Filipino maid it usually takes longer and we are looking at up to 1.5 months. As for Indonesian maid or Myanmese maid, we are probably looking at about 2 weeks Also, cost wise, it is more expensive to direct hire a Filipino maid too as compared to direct-hiring the maid from Indonesia or Myanmar.

What if I don’t have much time to wait as I need the maid urgently, any other option?

Yes there is and that involves hiring a transfer maid as she is already in Singapore. If you are interested, do click here to understand more on how to hire a transfer maid instead of direct hiring your maid from overseas.

There are transfer maids whom may be available anytime or some whom will be released in 2 weeks to a month. It really depends from maid to maid but the most important is to hire the right one instead of rushing into hiring the maid who’s release date is as soon as possible. That’s definitely not advisable because hiring a maid is for long-term and it’s very costly and tiring to keep changing maid. So please select a maid whom you find that you have good chemistry with at all times!

But for some employers, they just rather bring back their ex-maid who has served well with them before, so they don’t have a choice but to direct hire her in order to have her work for their family once again.

If the above sounds like you, then don’t worry. Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd has the expertise to assist you with your direct hiring needs. Give us a call at 6735 3456 and we will be more than happy to discuss.

[Important Note] For any direct hire request, we strongly encourage to direct hire only if you know the maid personally, otherwise, it is very risky to direct hire.

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