Domestic Helper Skills to Take Note of Before Hiring

June 1, 2023
Domestic Helper Skills to Take Note of Before Hiring

Like most developed nations, Singapore is in huge demand for domestic helpers in their households to take care of their children and elderly. In most cases, full-time maids are assigned to care for their children, though many of them also hire domestic helpers for their elderly parents.

If you’re one of those who’re looking for domestic helpers for your household, then you have to pay attention to the skills of the helper you’re planning to get. Since the responsibility of a domestic helper demands specific skills and qualities to perform various household tasks, it only makes sense to take these into account before hiring one.

Without further ado, here are some of the most important domestic helper skills you should take note of:

1. Domestic helper must possess caring and trustworthy personality

Before you choose to hire a potential domestic helper (also known as foreign domestic workers) from a maid agency in Singapore, you should first keep in mind that whoever you choose to hire will end up spending a lot of time with your family as you do. Therefore, you have to make sure that your chosen domestic helper will be someone that possesses a caring and trustworthy personality. She should also be loving enough to provide your family with a warm and friendly environment during your absence.

Apart from that, your chosen domestic helper must be responsible enough to juggle between caring for your child or elderly parents and doing all of her household chores.

2. Domestic Helper must have some first aid knowledge

Apart from a reliable and trustworthy personality, another thing you should consider when you hire maids in Singapore is to look for one who has basic first aid knowledge. Even basic knowledge of certain medical skills can prove to be quite helpful since minor injuries can possibly occur around your household. A few good examples would be CPR, wound dressing, and relieving choking issues.

You should also make sure that the domestic helper you hire from a maid agency in Singapore has adequate understanding of general treatment and medicines for common illnesses like flu, fever, cough, stomach ache, etc.

3. Domestic helper must have good conversational skills

As mentioned earlier, your domestic helper will spend her time together with your kids or parents. Therefore, you have to make sure that she has good conversational and communication skills so your kids or parents can feel comfortable in her company.

During an interview, try to look for someone who’s good at communicating with children and the elderly. It also helps if the helper you choose can keep them entertained through playing or storytelling.

Fortunately, kids and seniors have almost the same disposition to storytelling. As such, telling them stories can prove to be quite an effective means of communication. Aside from that, you should also be able to effectively communicate with your helper. She should ask you questions regarding your expectations of her.

At the same time, you should also provide her with answers and keep communication open so that she can handle your kids or parents efficiently.

4. Domestic helper with good cooking skills and nutritional knowledge

It can be quite advantageous when you hire a domestic helper who possesses good cooking skills, especially if she can feed your kids or parents when you’re away for a long time. Her cooking skills will surely come in handy since feeding your kids or parents is also one of her major responsibilities as a domestic helper.

Therefore, when you hire a domestic helper from a Singapore maid agency, try to look for someone who has nutritional knowledge and can display good cooking skills. However, do keep in mind that you can also help her improve her cooking skills to suit your family’s diet.

5. Domestic helper with active listening skills

Another skill you want to look for in a domestic helper is attentiveness. You should keep in mind that hiring a helper who’s fond of providing care instead of doing it solely for the money is quite important. Only someone who genuinely loves caring for others will understand what they truly need.

For kids, a good domestic helper will be able to figure out their needs based on their behaviour and provide appropriate care. For seniors, an active listener will be able to give them the attention they need – then again, based on their behaviour.

The Key Takeaway
Basically, before you hire a domestic helper from a maid agency in Singapore, you should make sure that she’s reliable, trustworthy, can hold proper conversations, possesses good cooking skills, and will actively listen to the needs of the individual they’re caring for.

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