Hiring Maids for Children Care

June 1, 2023
Hiring Maids for Children Care

High on the list of priorities among fourth-generation leaders within the Singaporean government is to assist couples in their desire to achieve a harmonious and well-balanced family life. Singapore aims to lower cost of raising children and thus creating a family-friendly environment.

There are several options to choose from when caring of your precious children. To name a few, childcare, hire a babysitter or have your retired parents play the role of a babysitter. But perhaps, the most preferred option, if a family can afford, is to hire a foreign domestic maid to take care of your children while you are busy at work.

Taking care of your children is highly important and making sure that they are in responsible hands is everything. At times, it can be challenging to trust someone else to take care of your kids. Hence, when deciding on a maid to help take care of your kids, there are some steps you can take to ensure a smooth process.

After all, it is without a choice that a dual income family is very important when sustaining a family in Singapore as the standard of living here is sky high. As multiple parents are not able to give up a job they love to take full-time care of their children, they may find it challenging to balance work commitments and parenthood. As more mothers return to the workforce, having to spread out their attention equally on work and home life may result in them feeling stressed. Thus, hiring a foreign domestic worker would seem like the easiest solution. Over the years, the role of foreign domestic workers has shifted from a ‘servant’ who is in charge of upkeeping the house to being a presence in a child’s life.

But the important concern on most parents’ mind is, are foreign domestic maids trustworthy? Will she be able to follow parents’ instructions and mind the child properly? Feeding, bathing and even reading bed-time stories are quite the norm for most maids who are hired to care for children.

Thus, it is important that you choose a right maid for your family. Before hiring a maid, you should set some expectations for her. One main requirement you should set is communication. This is one of the most important parts of dealing with a maid as she will need to understand you and your child’s preferences throughout the day.

Not only should they be able to communicate with you, but they should also have expertise in cooking and health safety. She will need to know how to cook nutritious meals for your child too.

Choose a maid that is trustworthy, patient and attentive. While having past experience is important, it is also important for you to find a trustworthy and responsible maid that can help with your child’s daily needs, especially in your absence.

It is crucial that the maid is able to work together and take care of your child well, for both parties to feel comfortable. The maid should also have the attribute of patience when taking care of children. They should be able to help with your child’s needs and behaviour in an attentive manner.

This also means taking note of your child’s daily routine including their sleep schedule, learning, playing and bathing schedule, and more.

On top of taking care of your child’s needs, the maid should also be able to take care of other needs around the house. This includes cooking and cleaning. They should be skilled enough to handle other household work on top of taking care of your child. They should also have knowledge of emergency care, for you to be assured that proper care is taken if there is an unlikely event of an emergency.

If you know that your maid will be taking care of your child, you can start observing their interactions with the maid, paying attention to your child’s behaviour when near them. If your child feels comfortable towards the maid, they will nuture a good relationship with them. Note if there are any sudden changes of expressions when your child is near the maid and communicate with them to find out how they feel.

Before hiring a maid, you should also schedule an interview with them to make sure both parties are on the same page. Ensure that you ask relevant and necessary questions to get yourself comfortable with them. You can also go through their history and previous experiences with them to ensure that they possess all the qualities you are looking for.

These interview processes are essential to help you to find a maid suitable for your family, further helping to narrow your searches down. You can also check on their previous employment history, for maids who have prior experience, to find out how they fared.

When hiring a maid, you may also prefer to hire a maid that has children back home, or one that has prior experience with children, as she will have had a real life experience of child care with her own children.

Hiring a maid does have both advantages and disadvantages — it is important for employers to do thorough research on their maid of choice before hiring. Regardless of whether you are hiring a maid for child care purposes or not, it is important to go through an interview process, to ensure that both you and the maid are on the same page. Ensure that communication between both parties are smooth and that qualities are met and mutually agreed on. Also evaluate the maid on their background, experience and personal traits.

Having a maid help out around the household has its own benefits, such as having more time for yourself, instead of doing housework, and being able to focus on other more important things. Hiring a maid that works well with your family can ultimately help you in the long run. While some maids may be experienced, others may need some training and guidance at the beginning. Patience is important when teaching them how to handle your child — talk to the maid about being responsible and attentive when taking care of your child. Remember to create a healthy and comfortable environment for both your new maid and your child.

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