How to cancel the Foreign Domestic Worker’s (FDW) Work Permit for your maid in Singapore?

June 1, 2023
How to cancel the Foreign Domestic Worker's (FDW) Work Permit for your maid in Singapore?

There are basically only 2 ways. Either you cancel the FDW’s Work Permit on your own or you can approach your employment agency that you hired your maid from to do it on your behalf.

But before you proceed to cancel, there are a few considerations to deal with first:

1) Give sufficient notice to your maid (usually up to 1 month) and mutually agree on the last day of work.

2) Settle all outstanding salary on the last day of work. Ensure that you have your maid sign the salary schedule form to confirm that she has been paid the correct amount, date it and sign it.

3) Ensure that her passport is still valid before proceeding to book her air-ticket.

4) Research for the cheapest air-ticket for your maid by using Google. It’s your responsibility to purchase a 1-way air-ticket to her country of origin, nearest to her hometown. Do not attempt to coerce your maid to pay for her own air-ticket home as that will get you in trouble with the law and it doesn’t matter even if she didn’t finish her 2 years contract with your family or only worked a few days, it is your absolute responsibility as her employer to pay for the air-ticket.

5) The air-ticket must also include the check-in luggage fee and you are responsible to send her to the airport and check her in.

So when do you cancel your maid’s Work Permit? Depending on which comes first, you must cancel her Work Permit, within 1 week after her last day of work or 1 day after her Work Permit expires.

Steps to cancel your maid’s Work Permit on your own:

Step 1) You can click here to proceed to log in with your SingPass and cancel her Work Permit. It is free to cancel and it is immediate.

Step 2) After cancelling, you will need to print the Special Pass. The Special Pass will allow your maid to continue staying in Singapore before leaving.

Step 3) At the airport, be sure to handover the Special Pass to your maid. She will need to show the Special Pass and valid passport to the immigration officer before she is allowed to leave Singapore.

Steps to cancel your maid’s Work Permit using an employment agency:

Step 1) Approach your employment agency to see if they provide such a service to assist in cancelling your maid’s Work Permit. If they don’t and you still prefer to have an employment agency do it for you on your behalf, do a simple Google search for maid employment agencies that provide such a service. And it’s always good to ask if they charge for such a service. Usually, if it’s your own employment agency whom you hired your maid from, as an after-sales-service, they wouldn’t charge but if you go to an employment agency you did not hire your maid from, good chance is they will charge a small admin fee.

Step 2) Sign an authorisation form given to you by the employment agency as that will be mandatory before they can cancel your maid’s Work Permit on your behalf.

Step 3) Once that is done, the employment agency will email to you the Special Pass for your maid. Do print it and pass it to your maid as she will need to show the Special Pass and valid passport to the immigration officer before she is allowed to leave Singapore.

Step 4) You can skip Step 3 if you have engaged the employment agency to assist in the repatriation of your maid. Do check with them on their charges to assist in repatriating your maid and decide what’s best for you.

Important things to note:

1) As her legal employer, you must ensure your maid does leave Singapore as scheduled. The security bond will usually be discharged in 7 days after she has left Singapore.

2) Once your her Work Permit has been cancelled, she cannot work, even while waiting to leave Singapore.

3) The FDW Levy will be charged until 1 day before the cancellation.

4) Once her Work Permit is cancelled, please cut the Work Permit card in half and discard it to prevent any misuse.

Besides cancelling your maid’s Work Permit and repatriating her, there is always an option to get an employment agency to cancel and take over the responsibility of your maid to find her a new employer provided she still wants to work in Singapore. In the event she doesn’t find an employer in time, they will be responsible to repatriate her and not you.

This way, a win-win situation is created. You save back the money to buy an air-ticket which is especially expensive during this COVID-19 period and you relinquished your responsibilities as her employer to an employment agency. This is a process also know as letting your maid transfer.

If the final decision is to let your maid transfer, do contact us at 6735 3456 and we will be more than happy to discuss taking over the responsibility of your maid.

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