Vital Questions to Ask a Maid During Interview

May 9, 2023
Vital Questions To Ask A Maid During A Live Interview

Finding a suitable maid in Singapore also known as Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) is indeed a challenging task especially if you are not able to select a befitting person who can attend to your family needs. The selection process is usually conducted using a video conference interview particularly during this Covid-19 pandemic period but if the situation allows, a face-to-face interview may also be possible at the maid agency office with prior arrangement. It’s one way of discovering their communication skills and their distinctive character traits.

Prepare a checklist of questions before the schedule of the interview and ask the proper questions, as it will assist you in selecting the best candidate.

If you are interviewing more than one applicant, take your time. Write down notes of each maid that you will interview. Then, compare the responses of each candidate and make your final decision. Here are sample questions that you can ask the applicants during the live interview with its’ specific explanation:

1. Please introduce yourself.
This first question is intended to warm up the anxious candidate and make her feel more relaxed and comfortable. It also assists you to gain insights into her personality. It also helps determine if she possesses good communication skills in promoting a healthy and organized home.

2. What are the things that you like about Singapore?
It reveals the particular things that the interviewee likes and enjoys about the country like the people, food, and several places to visit.

3. Why do you want to work as a maid in Singapore?
This identifies her motives for applying for the job and the specific duties that she can perform efficiently. It helps you determine her job inspiration, determination, and dedication to the job.

4. Give a brief history of your past work experience? In which specific countries other than Singapore were you employed?
This provides information about why she left her previous job(s). It also determines the culture of previous families’ whom she has worked for.

5. What are your previous job duties and responsibilities?
You will want to find out the number of years of work experience and her daily duties from her previous employment. Her attestation will give you an idea if she can quickly harmonise into the lifestyle of your family.

Inform the applicant candidly if her tasks vary from your specifications. It also gives you an insight into how well she can perform her varied duties and the duration of time that you will spend guiding her.

6. What is your current salary and day(s) off? What is your expected salary and day(s) off?
It’s essential to know the latest salary for a transfer maid especially since transfer maids usually command a higher salary because she is already in Singapore. It definitely cost less especially during this Covid-19 pandemic to hire a transfer maid instead of a maid who is currently in her own country of origin. Be candid concerning money matters and also the number of days off you can offer her.

Tip: Most transfer maids will want a minimum salary of $800 and 4 days off per month.

7. Tell me the things that you are good at doing and the things that you are not good at doing?
Her work attitude is very vital in nurturing a healthy and pleasing work relationship. It is essential to determine the positive aspects of her personality that will make her uniquely qualified for the job.

If her strengths are patience, good listening skills, and first aid skills, then she will be a good choice. But if her weaknesses contradicted your expectations, these are red flags to take note of.

8. In a given scenario, what would you do?
If she is a novice, you can discuss case scenarios and ask her how she will respond in a given situation. For example, what would you do if my child refuses to eat breakfast?

It is also vital to determine her response in an emergency scenario. What would you do if my elderly parent fell on the staircase?

9. Do you have any character references from former employers? Is it ok to contact them?
A background check is one of the reliable means of confirming the claims of the candidate. However, not all employers will be willing to give references but that doesn’t mean the maid isn’t good. It could either mean her employer is too busy or her employer may be reluctant to let her go but have to respect her decision anyway. Alternatively, do look at her employment history in total. Did she finish her latest contract of 2 years? If yes, then that’s a good sign she should be good in her role as a maid to be in her job for at least 2 years.

10. What would you like to do during your break time or when you are done with your work? Or on your day off?
Once her work is done, allow her to relax, and enjoy her day off. According to the Ministry of Manpower, the maid has the fundamental right to avail one rest day of the week unless she consents to forgo her day off in exchange for monetary compensation. They deserve to unwind, enjoy their spare time, or visit other wonderful tourist spots in the host country.


Some candidates are afraid and timid to ask questions due to the fact this is a job interview. Encourage them to ask questions to determine if they understood your expectations. Be candid in informing the candidate about her specific scope of daily work duties.

Prepare yourself if the applicant rejected your job offer, some of them may realised that the expectations are difficult to comply with.


With these helpful tips, we hope that you are guided in choosing the right maid for your family. Check out for trustworthy maid agencies like us who have been in this industry for over 30 years. Leverage on our experience to assist you in shortlisting suitable maids who can give you well-trained and efficient maids who are capable of creating a safe, healthy, happy, and well-organised home. Contact us today at 6735 3456.

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