How To Hire From A Reliable Maid Agency in Singapore

June 1, 2023
How To Hire From A Reliable Maid Agency in Singapore

The expression, “Good help is so hard to find these days” has been said for years. You would think that the problem has been solved by now with one maid agency popping up after another. In some way, the problem of not being able to find good help has been lessened. However, with any development, a new problem appears: how do you hire from a reliable maid agency in Singapore?

Characteristics of a Reliable Maid Agency in Singapore
If you ask any Singaporean family to share their bad experiences with hiring of maids from maid agencies in Singapore, they will most likely tell you that the main problem is dependability. Since the maid will stay with the family for some time, she has to be trustworthy and must be able to meet the family’s needs. The best maid agency in Singapore will ensure that this happens. Aside from this, you’ll also know that you’re dealing with a reliable maid agency in Singapore if you spot the following characteristics:

Years of Experience
It’s possible to go for a startup maid agency with excellent ratings. But, in this industry, years of experience counts a whole lot. When a maid agency in Singapore has been operating for more than ten years, for example, it likely means that they know how to run a good business with a lot of new and repeat clients. This kind of maid agency knows the industry enough to provide the best service to families that need help.

Definitely, a reliable maid agency in Singapore has to be licensed with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) which helps safeguard the interests of the employers and foreign domestic workers. In addition, an award winning maid agency in Singapore like Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd is definitely the top choice for most employers in Singapore. And they are accredited with the Philippine Embassy as well, which not many maid agencies in Singapore are.

An excellent maid agency doesn’t just exist for the sake of business. It should aim to connect the right helper with the right employer. Each family has different needs, so it will be unrealistic to say that helper A, for example, can fit into the household of families, B, C, and D. The placement has to be well thought of.

Workforce Quality
Aside from having a personalized approach, a maid agency in Singapore should ensure that their workforce is just as trustworthy as them. Extensive background checks are needed for safety reasons. Plus, a thorough interview needs to be conducted to see to it that potential candidates are serious about working.

Lastly, dealing with a maid agency that doesn’t put clients first is a pain. If the company is only focused on making money without values, ethics and professionalism, it is likely that the service they will provide won’t be satisfactory. From their hiring process to their customer service, they will likely cause clients big headaches.

What Should I Do When I am Ready to Hire from a Reliable Maid Agency in Singapore?

If you think that you have already found the right maid agency, you have to contact them to provide specific details on your exact requirements based on your household needs. They will advise you to complete your Employer’s Orientation Program (EOP) if you are first time employer and to do this, you will first need to sign up for this program with your SingPass or if you don’t have a SingPass yet, you can click here to sign up now.

And once you are ready to make a hire, you can also approach the friendly team at Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd at 6735 3456 or simply visit their office at Lucky Plaza #03-52 to hire your next maid!

Alternatively, you may also wish to first submit your requirements using our online form here and we will respond to you within 3 business days.

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